Frequently Asked Questions

If I Need To Be Hospitalized, Who Will Take Care Of Me?

Both Excela Health-Latrobe and Excela Health-Westmoreland Hospitals provide hospitalist services.  These are doctors who specialize in caring for people in a hospital setting – this is a very different type of medicine than office practice.  Studies have shown that hospitalist systems generally provide better care and tend to decrease the length of hospital stays.  Our goal is to provide you with the best possible care and we believe that the hospitalist system is superior to the traditional model of the office practice doctor also doing the hospital work.  It also means that your doctor won’t cancel on you because he’s been called to an emergency in the hospital.

Do I Need To Have Labs Done Before My Annual Exam?

It’s a good idea to have your labs drawn about a week before your appointment.  Your time is valuable and if all the information is available at a single visit, it will be both less time out of your busy schedule and less expensive.  Therefore, if you have not been provided a lab order slip by our office previously, please notify us about two weeks prior to your appointment so we can make arrangements for you to have your labs performed in time for your appointment.  If your insurance requires you to use a specific lab, let us know and we can fax the order to the lab for you.

How Do I Get A Prescription Refilled?

In general, prescriptions are written for the amount of time until the recommended recheck for that particular problem.  We encourage our patients to play an active role in their healthcare and to be aware of when their medicines expire and strive to have a follow up appointment scheduled before they run out of medicines.   Since we all have busy lives, we understand that occasionally things happen and the prescriptions pass under the radar.  If that happens we will refill the medicine for a limited amount to allow you to get an appointment scheduled.  Patients can request refills by phone or electronically via Patient Portal.

If I Am Sick Can I Be Seen That Day?

We feel strongly about seeing our own patients when they need to be seen, avoiding the use of urgent care centers or emergency departments.  You will almost always be seen on that day for most urgent problems.  However, when we “work you in” please be aware that the visit will concentrate only on the current problem and not on any chronic issues you may have.  Examples of appropriate same day appointments include rashes, sore throat, ear and sinus infections, bronchitis, etc.

Should I Bring My Medicines With Me To My Appointment?

We strongly suggest you bring a current up to date list of all the medicines you are currently taking to EVERY appointment.  This will help avoid any errors or omissions.  Also include any vitamins, herbal, or over the counter medicines that you take on a regular basis.